Monday, June 21, 2004

New righteousness...

I was pottering about in my fridge earlier and dug out some baby leaf spinach for a stir fry. I really really like spinach. I realise its a bit of an odd thing to love but really, its yummy, its good for you, it goes with everything. Its the vegetable equivalent of my knee high boots.

What I didn't love was the fact that every single leaf was exactly the same size. I didn't mean to buy baby leaf, by the way, but that's another debate. I couldn't get over the uniformity - and the likelihood that some poor person has spent time sorting it out. I had already been thinking of giving up buying bagged salad - I don't get it that often. I'm not sure I can give up fresh spinach (our market doesn't always do it - not only when it isn't in season) Frozen is probably OK though. I'm sure it is all washed in bleach too. I'm a balsamic vinaigrette girl myself.

The other thing I was planning on doing was joining my union, the AUT. I do think unions are a good ideas - its well documented that unionised staff have a better time of it than non union staff. Although is that non union staff who work somewhere where unions are not allowed? Or non union staff who work somewhere there are unions?

Anyway, I think I'll join, that's a way of offering support. Is it worth joining though if I'm pretty sure I'm not going to give lots of time to it? If I stay involved with the Disability Arts Agency then I'll be a bit stretched.
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