Monday, June 07, 2004

A matter of balance

Some days its easier to do the right thing than others I find. I went shopping today - it wasn't much of a hardship in the sunshine to do that rather than going to a big out of town monstrosity. I do love the sun, by the way, the slightest bit of sunshine and in general I'm zipping about outside like a Springer spaniel who has had rather too many e numbers.

There's certain things which are tricky to buy anywhere but supermarkets - toilet paper being one of them. I toddled off to Sainsburys to get a few last bits including toilet paper to join the rest of the shopping propped on my wheelchair. The joy of a big electric wheelchair is that you can load it up so well. I like Sainsburys, well as they are in the best place on the least dastardly/most affordable spectrum, and they do good recycled stuff. I got to the toilet paper aisle and found my choices were stark - four packs of recycled (i.e. no carrying handle) or a nine pack of posh quilted (i.e. with carrying handle). The carrying handle is necessary to attach the toilet rolls to my head rest - so no carrying handle no toilet paper or toilet paper and none of the other essential things we wanted. Oh yes, soy sauce is essential. Trust me. So I bought the posh quilted, and hope no-one gets a taste for it. Fingers crossed.

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