Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Linking and things..

Have not had a lot of time to post and what time I have I've been following Bloggerhead's instructions about getting my blog out there. Of course, more readers means more pressure to make it more and more interesting.

I kind of aspire to being one of those women bloggers who can write inspiring consive feminist posts like feministe or Trish Wilson's blog - but I think I need practice. Plus whenever I try, someone else gets there first! Certainly I shouldn't be reading fewer blogs ;)

A couple of opportunities for writing have come along - one doing restaurant reviews (=cash if I'm good enough) and writing for a disability arts magazine (= warm fuzzy glow if I'm good enough). Might have to post some drafts for feedback here.

Work has been busy of late and The Doctors parents came over last night to take us out for dinner. They got out in the garden before I could stop them - the garden not being the highlight of the house at present. Its high on my future to do list. All tips for easy things to put in pots gratefully received. I need to find myself some easy gardening websites.

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