Wednesday, June 02, 2004

.... and I'm back

Hoorah - they let me back out again after a range of tests including a few which entertainingly filled my lungs with helium. No squeaky voices, alas, as I have always resisted recreational helium inhalation.

And I passed, in fact with flying colours I think. For a crip like me at least.

And oh how young are some doctors? They called me Mrs Married Name, and I didn't correct them (I'm a real life first name kind of gal) as they were so young.

Despite being a card carrying feminist (even if the card is just a small piece of paper with 'feminist' written on it by me) I did change my name when I got hitched last summer. I try to avoid the Mrs bit, and just be Firstname Marriedname. I decided that when you are a full time wheelchair user, changing your name is actually more of a political statement than not...
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