Sunday, May 23, 2004

Water water everywhere...

So I potter along to the website of my local water company, and am struck first by the fact its got a link across the top about new ownership. Ownership of water? Seems I'm even more misinformed than I thought - water is privatised, and is now owned by a Hong Kong based company. Whereas previously it was owned by a Spanish company. And while I have nothing in particular against these countries, except perhaps for the fact that they appear to be trying to own my water - it makes me very uncomfortable that I can't opt out.

Looking at the 'saving water in the home' page and I'm scared. I'm going to send off for a hippo to put in the toilet to reduce that. Looking down the list though - I don't run the taps til the water gets cold - there's nothing ethical about it - just sensitive teeth, we do have an energy efficient washing machine, and we're far from obsessive about washing. We have no dripping taps or other leaks. So the answer is clear, when I can - shorter showers, tap off when cleaning teeth.

Its just the habit, I think.
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