Tuesday, May 11, 2004


So I pootle along in life, trying, in the words of Gandhi to 'be the change I want to see in the world'. I realise that many of the things I do I do because I'm privileged to be able to, and that really my not eating kit kats (and other less yummy products produced by insensitive multinationals) only makes me feel better. Sometimes I don't know what I could do that would make any difference, but this has got to be a start.

So tetrapak. Its defeated me. I don't drink milk, because I don't like farming methods, and I don't think most farmed milk is particularly good for you - all the preservative gubbins that goes in. But soya milk - only comes in tetrapaks. With fruit juice - the alternative I guess is to get my own fruit and juice it - I do juice, but not fruit cos its fiddly. I can't be sure that apart from the tetrapak that ready made fruit juice is less environmentally friendly than than fruit juice made at home from non organic fruit.

So I guess the optimum is to infrequently drink home made fruit juice made from locally grown organic fruit, juiced by hand. Bugger. Not going to happen. I think its the tetrapaks that bother me the most. They are such a blend of materials that I understand they don't break down easily, if at all. Amazingly the only link I can find saying that tetra pak isn't an environmental issue is on the tetrapak website. There's a fair few saying it isn't so hot.

So what to do? I'll keep you posted.

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