Tuesday, May 25, 2004

So tired..

... and I'm not sure why. I haven't been sleeping very well - its that time of year when it isn't clear whether to hot water bottle or not to hot water bottle. I do realise that for most people in the UK there is rarely a need for a hot water bottle, but I'm specially cold blooded. I suspect I might be partially lizard. That certainly explains the skin on my legs.

Today I'm having trouble thinking of something to write. It isn't that I've spent the day littering, shopping in MacDonald's and generally screwing people over, just that I don't think there's too much getting my goat at present. Perhaps my goat is tired too.

I went to see Jo Brand do a reading from her book a couple of weeks ago, 'Sorting out Billy'. Being a feminist is a strong part of my identity, and as such I do enjoy some of Jo Brand's humour. I'd not ever seen her live before.

The reading was amazing - the book is about domestic violence and its sort of a humorous take on the issue. Of course, it isn't a humorous issue, and I don't quite know how its managed. I really like Marian Keyes and Anna Maxted too - I can't really explain how they manage to get the serious issues into the humour, but they do, and it isn't trite or dismissive of real issues.

When I was a student - which - gulp - was ten years ago now, a woman who sang for a well known indie band - can't quite remember which one - was described as a feminist. Now to me - that's a compliment. Now this woman felt that she wasn't any kind of feminist or role model.

To me, that's really sad. Plus, if you don't want to be a role model, or have a public message of some kind, then perhaps you shouldn't push your songs on everyone? Jo's book is fantastic, and is clearly proud of its politics. I think that everything written/sung etc in the public sphere has consequences and that responsibility needs to be taken about what you put out there.

Anyway the reading was fun, the book was good. Most of the questions afterwards were about JO's appearance on 'What not to wear'. I think its sad that the focus still ends up being on how women look.
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