Wednesday, May 12, 2004

So, about these charities

I've had a few blog compatible ideas lately, well two, that is, the first was yesterdays, the second today. So it really is just two. So I have the idea and spend all day pottering about seeing what I can come up with, and come up with lots of ideas. I sit down to write it - oh OK you pedant I am already sitting down - and it might well end up an epic.

I have a problem with charities. I think in the main that they encourage a patriarchal view of the worlds problems, I think they encourage people to believe that if they only give money they are absolved from responsibility to the 'others' they represent. I think a better way of distributing wealth is through more efficient taxation.

However - we don't have a sophisticated system like this and I believe I have a lot and would like to share it around a little. The amount I donate is pathetically little compared to how much I spend on books, but there you are - we've already established I do anything for a quiet life.

So my bestest friend in the world works for a big commercial company doing CSR - corporate and social responsibility. She is a good person, and doing what she thinks and hopes is her bit (before she leaves and re trains, but that's another story). She has told me that her organisation is helping a large international charity I donate to create a new building, in particular to source products sustainably.

Now that, I support. I support charity workers being paid a fair salary for the work they do. But how comfortable am I with the use of highly paid consultants?
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