Monday, May 03, 2004

Mostly stuff, bits of nonsense

So I'm not doing wonderfully well at writing something every day. I'm not actually sure what I'm going to write this evening - so you'll be as surprised as I am with what I produce.

Its been a bank holiday here in the UK and The Doctor has been walking - sorry read drinking - in Ireland with his friends. I had various friends pottering around here and its been a fab one - even if the sun has only just come out now. The hounds - variously known as cute little things and psychotic canines have gone home and the feeling at least from my end is that its a go on dog ownership. I think I might need some recommendations on dogs which are not too small, not too hairy and not too scary. The Doctor has come around to a spaniel way of thinking - as per the bigger one, and like the poor small dogs owners - we remain of the opinion that this is not a dog.

The hounds owners - old and much loved friends stayed over the weekend and we had a wonderfully relaxed time during which much wine was drunk. One of them is a fellow crap TV afficionado and we watched some of Channel 4's 100 Greatest Sexy Moments I'm not entirely sure why I linked to it as it was the least erotic thing I have ever seen. We all gave up after an hour as it was generally felt that as a group we represented enough of a range of tastes that if none of us found anything sexy, then the programme was not worth considering. Who votes for these things?

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