Sunday, May 16, 2004


Well since starting to write my blog I've had to give more thought than before to doing righteous things. I think on balance it has helped me do more of the right stuff - I've finally managed to put a receptacle in the kitchen for compostable waste - and use it.

My friend, the queen of doing the right thing has sent me information on a Forum in the town where I live which is aimed at promoting the stuff that doesn't get on the news. Ordinarily its the sort of thing I'd like to take part in but - surprise surprise - it is being held in a venue with no wheelchair access. Now I know that free wheelchair accessible meeting space is hard to come by here, but the fact that it isn't even acknowledge pisses me off.

My friend - the queen - contacted the Forum to ask about access, and they didn't get back. Part of me wants to leave it - if they don't want me, then I don't want them. But another part of me wants to say that if they don't know, someone should tell them, and that inaction is how terrible things happen in the world. But it drives me insane when I contact somewhere and then suddenly its my problem to find a new venue, and it shouldn't be my job.

I'm sure there is a quote about bad things happening while good people stand by, but I can't place it at present. The jist is, I'm going to get back to them. I'll do my best.

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