Monday, May 17, 2004

Going bananas....

I am absolutely appalled at the news that Tescos are going to stop paying for the first three days of sick leave. I am absolutely spitting with rage, in fact. And why, pray, is the union backing this?

Not only can they, more than most, afford it, if people are bunking off work for no apparent reason then they need to either a) go down some sort of disciplinary route - or b) perhaps pay and treat people properly, and develop their roles to make them more interesting? I realise I am a slightly middle class hippy but please... So no more Tescos for us for now. Just obscene.

And I've got the hump with Sainsburys as well. I rang up to find out why they charged me for delivery when it clearly said that deliveries over X amount on X days were free. Apparently I didn't enter the code - well I didn't - as I thought it would be automatic, software being what it is these days. Plus they sent my last delivery in a cab. Now I know it was delivered and all, but one small part of the reason I have it delivered is that that way there is one van going to ten houses, rather than ten vans to ten houses. Not sure a taxi counts. Looks like I'm going to have to drag myself to the supermarket again. Well, with 'Friends' ending, I will have a gaping hole in my life.

So I went to Waitrose this morning as The Doctor had chomped (with a very small amount of help from me) his way through 4 kg of bananas since Tuesday. Yes, pop pickers, that's about 23 bananas. In five days. Now I know humans are closely linked to chimps and this may be the link we are looking for. Anyway, off I went to Waitrose for fruit supplies, and after making an idiot of myself over some raspberries managed to get to the bananas - and didn't buy fair-trade as they were too expensive. And I've been worrying about it ever since.

I do buy fair-trade everything else - I don't buy exclusively fair trade chocolate but every time I by actual chocolate that's the one I go for. I only buy fair trade tea and coffee. Is cost a good enough reason to not to buy them? They were also small and rather over packaged. I guess cost isn't good enough. And its not something we would willingly eat less of.

Righto then - fair trade bananas. Telling you lot stuff does focus my mind.

Oh and the raspberry idiocy? Taking the assistant a larger box of raspberries to ask the price - when it turns out they are exactly the same weight as the others, so the same cost. D'oh!

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