Saturday, May 22, 2004

Deepish thoughts

Well continuing on a humphing theme I wrote back and explained that what she described was not access - simply not being at the top of a spiral staircase - even in the historic town I live in - doesn't constitute accessible. Don't know if anything will come of it - I'll keep you posted.

I've been mulling over writing a post about voting. I still stand by my link to Sarah's blog about reasons why you should vote - its very important. I've been waivering slightly on what to vote. In the past I've voted Labour but I'm not sure I can bring myself to this time - even though the majority of them do appear to have souls. I'll probably vote Liberal Democrat - there's always that media flannel about a vote for the lib dems being a wasted vote - and certainly our labour MP here has done some good things, even if I do think she should have voted against top up fees. Frankly, everyone should have voted against top up fees - and the model that was put forward simply benefits no-one. I don't think any vote is a wasted vote though. Just making sure your views are acknowledged is the purpose of voting and even if your desired candidate doesn't get in, surely that's a step in the right direction? I think I'm writing from a position of power though, in my area, the tories do not stand a chance - which is always something to be thankful for. My vote will still go for the Lib Dems though. Something needs to be done about the current leadership - this war in Iraq is the final straw.

As I've said before, writing this blog has forced me to focus on the doing of the right thing. I like to think I've always been keen on it, but this has pushed me to really challenge myself. What I've found is that most of the things I do actually present me with very little challenge. Which leads me to wonder - am I doing enough? I can't decide whether it is that actually, doing the right thing at least some of the time is quite straightforward, or should I be doing more. This internal focus does now mean I have a smile credit card - well nearly - and am about to try to transfer everything over from my current evil bank.

I'm hoping that a bit of both is actually true - and my new mission is to try to cut down on water use a bit, and perhaps make sure I know the reasons why its important. I should actually point out here that I've never (OK once, but I was getting married and didn't use a hose) washed my car, and that we don't have a bath, or a dishwasher, the washing machine has a high energy efficiency rating and that I've never used a blinking sprinkler on a lawn, so in that respect hopefully I'm getting somewhere. A coke bottle or brick in the cistern I believe wouldn't go amiss. What I'm not good at, is short showers or not letting the water run when doing things and I'm going to have to play the crip defence on that one, when taps are hard work, you don't put them on or off as often as you might do otherwise. And when you are cold for at least 9 months of the year, a shower is a good thing.

So I'll keep you posted. All tips welcome!

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