Sunday, April 18, 2004

Whoops! Didn't realise I hadn't posted since Thursday! Its just like all the diaries I got for Christmas over all the years - lots of good intentions and not much results. Its exciting to be able to know exactly what I was doing and thinking the first week of every January of my life.

I'm still deciding on boundaries for this blog. We've had a lot of family time this weekend, all of it good and so have many amusing stories to tell (direct quote 'what do you mean the M1 and the A1M are different roads?) In fact the Doctors parents are such great inlaws I'm thinking of hiring them out. I'd originally intended to use the blog to pontificate on the difficulties of doing the right thing in life, but have come to realise already that its going to be hard for it not to come across as whinging. But then again the nice thing about the anonymity of blogging is that you can be free in your thoughts, even if you can't be free in your anecdotes.

So my blog site is coming together - all I need now is someone to read or at least comment on it. I have made a few little tweaks so hopefully it will look a bit more individual soon.

In the mean time, are these good shoes?
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