Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well today's been a thinking sort of a day - and a slightly frustrating one. Not terribly productive though. Managed to get focused at work today an hour before I came home - ho hum and a fol diddle rol for home working and its not as thought there is anything to watch on Saturday evening TV. I tend not to watch CSI Miami as the disappointment that it isn't CSI becomes quite unbearable.

The funny thing about trying to 'Do the Right Thing' is that one of the righteous things you try to do is to be non judgemental. Which is tricky when trying to judge whether or not something is the right thing to do or not. I had a truly judgemental moment earlier when someone (not from the UK) wrote off all Brits as not being hard working and then had to be told how to use a self service petrol pump. Bad, bad birdychirp.

I've been pondering the purpose of the blog today, and what sort of boundaries I might choose to have. In terms of purpose, the main purpose is to practice writing and to be disciplined enough to write something every day. I also want to explore some of the issues of doing the right thing - I spend ages pondering where to have my bank accounts, what to eat, how to get about and so on, and am always genuinely pleased to hear others views.

Unless they're wrong, of course.

I'm also planning to remain incognito. The thought of being able to be open in this way is very desirable and inviting. I may change my mind. The Doctor, my erstwhile husband knows of the blog (and may even read it, who knows?) but I'm not telling anyone else. I'm normally atrocious at keeping secrets (important secrets, yes, what I've got you for your birthday, no) so this too will be a test.

Well the comments software is working. Sadly, I STILL haven't fixed the date and time.


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