Monday, April 12, 2004

Well its Easter Sunday - traditionally the one day of the year when I never feel like chocolate. There has to be one day. Have scored highly on the chocolate stakes this year, two boxes of choccies and a Cadbury's Easter Egg with five creme eggs. The best thing about creme eggs apart from the oh so thick shell of chocolate is that no-one else I know likes them. Sharing chocolate is very much the Right Thing to do and so when by luck I'm excused, I'm in raptures. The boxes are both fairly traded, my friends and family both know me well and also strive in the doing of right things. Sooner or later the chocolate urge will be back upon me, and then I will be able to surrender myself to some full on chocolaty loveliness.

The Doctor is of course off this weekend also and I am continuing in my discussions to try to keep him from overdoing things - he works harder than most and doesn't take to relaxation. We got up - late - and he went for a quick 11 mile run while I made soup. I do love making soup and today's - minted courgette and lentil - could be seen to be a success. There's something about making soup which feels very nurturing - would be even more so if anyone other than me ever ate the darn stuff....

Had a crisis of goodness regarding lentils when I realised that Tesco didn't mark the country of origin. I'm a believer in the power of the boycott, although find myself really only boycotting things I don't miss too much (except kit kats, and those goddarn lovely kitkat chunkys) I am also not finding it the easiest to track down the origin of them. Puy lentils, apparently to be called that must be from France. Well I like France, at present they have slightly more moral fibre than the British Government (not a huge challenge, admittedly). Sainsbury's Puy lentils are from Canada - I like Canada too - as to whether or not they are really puy lentils is another debate entirely (and not one I care about hugely either). Their green and red lentils - are products of more than one country. Marvellous - the question is where.

Google naturally has the answer - who knew there was a site called Marvellous again. It tells me that beans and lentils are produced in Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and the Middle East. I'm not very surprised at this - in fact I was more surprised at the French Canadian Puy lentils. So the question really is to buy or not to buy. Off to my favourite whole food market stall in the week then.
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