Friday, April 23, 2004

Two dogs, or not two dogs...

...that is the question. We have hounds of the insane staying with us this week - I love them dearly and they are nothing if not good sources of stories. One, is a overly hairy Chinese crested who hates, well, everyone, the other an elderly springer spaniel with half a brain cell. Did I say half? I was being generous.

So while all around us are having babies (during a meeting today I almost felt I had to keep my ovaries crossed) The Doctor and I are thinking we might be ready to get a dog. The Doctor wants an alsatian. I refuse, on the grounds it will scare everyone, in particular various of my friends and relations. The Doctor has no such qualms. I want a spaniel, a biggish one that isn't too bonkers - and The Doctor wants a dog with dog shaped ears. We are at stalemate. No doubt we'll just end up acquiring a pre owned mutt eventually.

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