Saturday, April 10, 2004

Seem to be on an Eastery go slow - although did manage to go into town to get pretty new frock, complex new phone and airline and car hire sorted for July. Frock just slutty enough and not, hopefully, produced by three year olds in sweatshop.

Had in laws to stay yesterday which was rather jolly. Spent the morning getting glitter out of the bottom of The Doctors suit - was not too difficult in the end and a just recompense for the amount of mirth I let rip when I realised my beloved had a sparkly arse.

Spent the evening watching 'Matrix Revolutions' and discovered that it was even more amusing when you didn't need it to make sense. Decided while watching it that it was in fact a modern day equivalent of Wagner's Ring Cycle.

Reasons why 'Matrix Revolutions' is like the Wagner's Ring Cycle

Both are pointlessly long, the few good points made either repeatedly so you may never be bothered to remember them, or they are too obscure to discern
Both make a few good points, but are neither are gospels, and neither have hidden meaning. If, goddess forgive, they make you think, then accept their apologies and move on
Both are used by people insecure about their intellectual ability to somehow prove points, by ranting on about one or other (please goddess no-one loves both) to others who cannot be bothered to argue back and so concede arguments.

And that's just for starters. While looking about various blogs, I actually found one which was dedicated entirely to The Matrix.

I rest my case.
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