Thursday, April 29, 2004

More shopping...

Well I happened to be perusing a discussion on Hitched - a wedding planning website this morning - and yes, I know, married nine months ago, but I'm weaning myself off slowly - about supermarkets. I'm not a fan of supermarkets myself, but I rarely get my posterior into gear to do anything about it. Anyway, after work I wandered down a lovely road in a studenty part of town and picked up some food and some wine. A much nicer, and not slower experience than shopping in the supermarket. I will eventually, get round to having a rant about supermarkets on the blog.

Had the discussion about Vernon God Little - and it was really interesting. One book groupie felt it was using the New Testament as its main point of reference - I thought it was incredibly sad and a scary vision of how society could become.

The Doctor is off to Ireland this weekend to hike up hills so I'm at home surrounded by all my other friends and probably still pining. I will try for pithy and lengthy blog entries - even a little encouragement will have me with finger to keyboard in no time!
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