Thursday, April 22, 2004

Loooonnnngggg dayyyyy...

today really. I'm lucky I'm one of those people who loves their jobs, who feels that the role I have does make a difference. I'm a snob when it comes to jobs, I think the best jobs are the ones where you help someone. I guess judging other people like that isn't one of my better traits!

Today, was though on of those days. I love all the different people I get to work with - unless they drag me across town for a seven minute meeting which isn't on the topic it was arranged for. Grr.

So I came home from work - made a Thai pilaff thing and got ready to watch 'The Bill'. I love 'The Bill' probably a bit too much really. I'm not even sure why its entertaining to watch crime happening, but it certainly works for me. Of course, I watched the episode on UK Gold - who thinks that Superintendent Chandler did it? while doing my online shop and getting excited about the episode on ITV.

Cancelled. Flippin' football.

I decided that I was going to do as much as I could to write every day, even if it wasn't interesting. I guess it will be interesting to me, even if I'm not quite sure who else is reading. My mother, who died when I was born, kept a diary every day from her eleventh birthday until she married. Every Day. Its an amazing record of what I think is an amazing life. Of course, I think all lives are amazing, that's my thing. I think she will have thought her diary was just somewhere to record stuff, but for me knowing her favourite teachers, books, friends, holidays is beyond priceless. One day I'll work on a suitable memorial.

Tomorrow can only be better

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