Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Letter writing....

I've decided that New Year's Resolutions don't really work for me. Its too cold to Do the Right Thing by me or anyone else not to mention too dark. Miserable. When the sun came out this spring (and I know its gone again. Grr.) I decided to write letters. Not just those to people I know, who if any of them knew about the blog would scoff in a sarcastic and unhelpful way to read this, but to those who piss me off.

So far I've decided to follow all the links Oxfam send me about contacting people to complain about human rights abuses. I'm building up to be brave enough to write letters for Amnesty and to get over myself about the idea that dictators of oppressive regimes will send their boys round to have words with me. I guess if I think they won't - possibly the more realistic option - then I think they don't care what I think. They don't, of course but sometimes you should tell them anyway. There's a time to shut up, and a time not to.

So so far I've written to my MP expressing my concern about legalising euthanasia - which I'll get back to you about - and drafted a letter to a newspaper which covers an area of the UK which doesn't have any appropriate accommodation for me - as a crip I need an electric bed - yes like the ones you see in Sunday supplements - and yes like the ones that you look at and go 'Cor!' with excitement.

They are as good fun as they look.

Oh - and actually I thought 'Star Trekkin' by 'The Firm' was a good song.

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