Monday, April 26, 2004

I'm S H O P P I N G, I'm shopping...

Well the weekend was a good one and I did buy the shoes. The trouble with shopping is that it doesn't take much to get me into it and wanting to buy everything in sight. It was good to see my very glamorous sister and I'm sure her glamour contributes in no way to my sudden urge to replace my entire wardrobe.

I popped to Waitrose on the way home from work to pick up a few bits and pieces and was excited to find that Clipper are now making green tea - various kinds, in fact of green tea. I do always get fair traded food when I can - I haven't quite got my head round organic and whether or not its a good thing. I tend to buy organic animal related products as I do believe these represent good standards of animal welfare.

Its sad to say though that in general I'm not that principled when it comes to buying clothes. It only struck me as I walked home from Waitrose that clothes buying for me is a luxury activity - which is good, it should be bearing in mind millions of people around the world don't have enough to keep warm - and somehow exempt from ethical behaviours - which is bad. When I think about it though, I suppose I do make some ethical choices - but nothing which requires particular effort. When you are a 30 something hippy/bohemian (depending on how kind I'm feeling) boycotting sportswear, in particular Nike doesn't require much effort. Plus I never throw anything away, but pass it on to friends, charity shops and so on. Boycott Gap, on the other hand and I'd probably cry. Pathetic eh? Or do all those mintolas, yorkies and kit kats I haven't eaten give me dispensation to get the very cute twin set?

So, for when I get time to hit the shops, I think I'll aim to boycott products made in China, Burma and Israel. And then we'll see where we are. And if anyone can answer me as to what fabrics are most ethical, I'd be really glad to know.

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